Did you know: When running your tap ½ open… you are using 14 litres every minute


7 Tips on How to Save Water in Your Garden

Saving Water – Tip No.1 (Water Saver)

Make sure you use Aquagel™ Hydrocache™, which retains the water around the roots of the plant, tree or grass, thus reducing evaporation through the surface of the ground and stop the water seeping past the root system into the soil below. Using Aquagel™ Hydrocache™ means there is no more need to use mulch as a surface cover to stop evaporation.

Saving Water – Tip No.2 (Spray Nozzle)

Use a trigger nozzle, as this allows you to stop the water flow from your hose pipe whilst moving around the garden, and thus not wasting water on areas which don’t need it

.Save Water – Tip No.3 (Driveways)

Instead of spraying of your driveways with the hose pipe use a broom or a leave blower

Save Water – Tip No.4 (Pool Cover)

If you have a swimming pool, purchase a solar blanket, this not only help to slow down evaporation but adds a couple of degrees to the tempreture of the water.

Save Water – Tip No.5 (Timing)

Always water your garden in the late afternoon, when the sun has dropped past the horizion.

Save Water – Tip No.6 (The Correct Plants)

Plants the plants which need less water such a palms, lavender, mimosa and verbena. Ask your local nursery for more advise on which plants to plant.

Save Water – Tip No.7 (Watering Can)

Although it takes a bit more effort using a water can, it makes more sence, especially if you are watering pot plants, there is much less chance of over watering and thus wasting water.

8 reasons to start saving water with HydroCache™


Saves water by up to 80% as the gel retains more than 250 times its own mass in water, preventing leaching and evaporation thus, allowing the water and nutrients to be stored close to the roots where the plant needs it most.


HydroCache™ enables plant growth in poor soil
conditions as a result of improved water and nutrient retention, which would ordinarily be lost in sub standard soil.


HydroCache™ boosts seed germination as a result of more stable feeding conditions.


HydroCache™ saves you money on water, pumping costs, fertiliser and reduces the chances off plant loss.


HydroCache™ reduces the shock to plants being transplanted by providing a stable environment for the roots which includes both water supply and nutrients.


HydroCache™ sustains plant growth with controlled release of stored water and nutrients on plant demand.


HydroCache™ airates the soil by creating small pockets of water which loosen the surrounding soil.


HydroCache™  helps pH control in soils with a typically high acidity resulting from sustained fertilising.