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Aquagel’s Water Saver HYDROCACHE™ does more than just save water!

aquagel faviconIt retains & stores water

Hydrocache™ retains and stores water and plant nutrients while adding much needed carbon to the soil surrounding roots, boosting microbial activity.

aquagel faviconIncreases water retention

Pre-mixed with soil or applied as a gel, Hydocache™  will increase water holding capacity, reduce irrigation cycles or dependency periods on rainfall.

aquagel faviconLong term usability

A single application of Hydrocache™ will absorb and release water and nutrients several times and typically bio-degrade after 3-5 years.

aquagel faviconBoosts microbial activity

The carbon content in Hydrocache™ will actively boost soil microbial activity for an indefinite period.

aquagel faviconReduces evaporation

Decrease water and nutrient leaching and evaporation, making it a sustainable water management tool, thus a great water saver.

aquagel faviconProvide a food source

The Carbon used in Hydrocache™ has a minimum pore surface area of 400 m2/g. The nutrients stored in these pores provide a convenient food source for the soil microbes living inside the carbon capillaries. Furthermore, when the concentration of these nutrients in the soil lowers, the nutrients tend to desorb and return to the soil, delivering essentially a slow release mechanism.

aquagel faviconHelps establish young trees

This water saver helps to establish young trees and plants in the early stages. Replacing dead or struggling trees is costly and time consuming.


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HydroCache™ reduces water consumption by up to 80% as the gel retains more than 250 times its own mass in water, preventing leaching and allowing the water to be stored close to the roots where the plant needs it most.


Reduces shock to plants being transplanted by providing a stable environment for the roots that includes both a water supply and nutrients.


HYDROCACHE™ unique formulation allows for maximum absorption and adsorption of water and fertilizers which would normally leach through the top layer of soil and eventually end up in ground water. Our water saving product helps balance pH as it influences several soil factors affecting plant growth, such as

  1. Soil bacteria
  2. Nutrient leaching
  3. Nutrient availability
  4. Toxic elements, and
  5. Soil structure